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37 Gadget Ideas! | 1 For EVERY Brawler!
Lizard Of Chaos
Lizard Of Chaos 7 tundi tagasi
Colt sliver bullet is like brock’s new gadget
Janko Topek Maniiil
Janko Topek Maniiil 7 tundi tagasi
Eldar Krnjic
Eldar Krnjic 7 tundi tagasi
I played pubg mobile about 2 years
BigDaddyDoggggg 7 tundi tagasi
Bibi fastest slowest mortis
Lizard Of Chaos
Lizard Of Chaos 7 tundi tagasi
The adv looks like something from war robots
David Do Xuan
David Do Xuan 7 tundi tagasi
things that 1 shot tick: brock gadget colts gadget bea supercharged shot dymamike super nani super cmon supercell stop making things that can 1 shot tick poor tick *sad tick noises*
GaRY DA OTTa GD 7 tundi tagasi
I always use my 8bit teleport gadget 3 times a match efficiently and wish I could use it more
Виктор Козов
Виктор Козов 7 tundi tagasi
I think Mega Beetle Bea is the best.
Mitesh M Fantasy TV
Mitesh M Fantasy TV 7 tundi tagasi
ColeHence 7 tundi tagasi
If you were wondering the sponsor was from 0:48 to 1:58
YouTube 뚱반 Toongvan
YouTube 뚱반 Toongvan 7 tundi tagasi
I just met u today kairos! I was the 8-bit . And name was 뚱반 youtube
PIPY Snipy
PIPY Snipy 7 tundi tagasi
Wish colt was better in the meta. He is so fun
How to ace in games
How to ace in games 7 tundi tagasi
I actually think that magnum special is the better gadget overall as it can strengthen the silver bullet gadget by increasing its range. Also, it can cover one of Colt's weaknesses which being lack of range.
JOEL NG CHU YAO 20S401 8 tundi tagasi
8 bits new gadget is just like colts first gadget, and colts new gadget is just like brocks new gadget.
Furbait 8 tundi tagasi
Kairos actually said that plugged in gave 8-Bit fast movement speed. -_-
Abdullah Siddiqui
Abdullah Siddiqui 8 tundi tagasi
all this time colt loved piper so he spent years mastering silver bullet now Rico's developing something new too
Cody Arnold
Cody Arnold 8 tundi tagasi
8 bit has a star power when he bring his self back to life
Yew Zi Wei
Yew Zi Wei 8 tundi tagasi
Hello Kairos , U have a healthy body! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. WOHOO! =)
CLASH HUNTERS 8 tundi tagasi
Rico×piper Human×robot Why are we still here Just to suffer
cskyt_uwu 8 tundi tagasi
Bibi is a VERY fast brawler, not a FAST brawler heheh, they changed it
A M 8 tundi tagasi
That sponsor looks a lot like war robots...
one PowerPoint
one PowerPoint 8 tundi tagasi
If I made brawl star I would put both of them in brawl star I mean like there both are op
Sebastian Estanislao 1273
Sebastian Estanislao 1273 8 tundi tagasi
Amber copies Max's star power and Now Colt copies Brock's gadget.
IAte ADonkey
IAte ADonkey 8 tundi tagasi
Kairos: Oh my teeth are so sensitive! Colgate: Well you should try a new sensitive pro relief toothpaste! Me: Liking my own comment...
Ram Strange
Ram Strange 8 tundi tagasi
phantom 8 tundi tagasi
Janko Topek Maniiil
Janko Topek Maniiil 8 tundi tagasi
Colt and 8-bit gadget: 'exists' tick: 'chuckles' i'm in MOAR danger
JouTuubi 8 tundi tagasi
So how many boxes it took to unlock Lou?
Броямикс 8 tundi tagasi Этот чел псих😂😂
Mattia Domi
Mattia Domi 8 tundi tagasi
Guess I’ll save up coins I bought Corsair colt thinking he was going to be buffed.:-:
Imanol Utrera
Imanol Utrera 8 tundi tagasi
Frank needs that second gadget already
The SD!!!-Gaming
The SD!!!-Gaming 8 tundi tagasi
I can see some trickshot youtubers using this gadget to break the walls and score Just like with super
Scott Peterson
Scott Peterson 8 tundi tagasi
Now there's second gadgets....
Humberto Vargas
Humberto Vargas 8 tundi tagasi
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Humberto Vargas
Humberto Vargas 8 tundi tagasi
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Jamie Just Jamie
Jamie Just Jamie 8 tundi tagasi
A Pictures who you can See brocks new Gadget and Colts New Gadget:they are both the Same
Aaron Vanderheyden
Aaron Vanderheyden 8 tundi tagasi
Isnt the sponsor just ark but mobile
Entitik 8 tundi tagasi
Im super sad cuz i made super great showdown map but i dont have friends so noone can approve my map Plz help me guys #89Y9VYVYP
Jensen Tham
Jensen Tham 9 tundi tagasi
10:17 Kairos and oj - pros Lex - the el primo random that jumps to the enemy side 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Jagesh Brahma
Jagesh Brahma 9 tundi tagasi
He forgot the newest colt skin🙄
Brightwell. EXE
Brightwell. EXE 9 tundi tagasi
I can’t say I completely agree with his rating for 8-bit’s star power. Every time I get in a team game where boosted booster would thrive, the teammate 8-bit brings plugged in. Don’t get me wrong, plugged in is a cool star power and it helps the user, but the super is meant to help your entire team; not just the 8-bit. With 8-bits first star power, he gives all of his team extra damage for a generous range. This helps prevent crowding around the original range of the super. This in turn also helps against throwers; 8-bit’s worst nightmare. Just saying
royaa tayebi
royaa tayebi 9 tundi tagasi
Niffler GamingYT
Niffler GamingYT 9 tundi tagasi
When you gemed 200000000 gems month just ended at the time u press the button and code kairos expires you: ........
Batin Cabbar
Batin Cabbar 9 tundi tagasi
Genshin Impact is 1000000 times better
daddy without the milk.
daddy without the milk. 9 tundi tagasi
no way serve ice gold didn't make it on the list.
Benedict Bowen
Benedict Bowen 9 tundi tagasi
Kairos: That was the hardest push ever Me:Looking at his rank 30's