29 päeva tagasi
Ibrahim Mohamed
Ibrahim Mohamed 17 tundi tagasi
Hello can you plzzz update the speed test olympics since the last speed test many brawlers have been released and who knows there might be someone who can beat mortis
Jocelyn Lopez
Jocelyn Lopez 17 tundi tagasi
My fav skin is evil gene
Charlie on PH
Charlie on PH 17 tundi tagasi
Get fucked snowman tick is 10x better 😐
Pvz2master987 17 tundi tagasi
I was hoping he was star wars😅🤣8:21
koustav Dam
koustav Dam 17 tundi tagasi
Amber completes the Mexican trio ,Byron completes the old town trio, Lou completes the snowtel trio and Edgar most probably for superhero trio
Emma 17 tundi tagasi
Reading comments while he does the sponsor for watch time :)
Aarya Shah
Aarya Shah 17 tundi tagasi
I was breathing, this seemed to be more important!
Ale Leandro
Ale Leandro 17 tundi tagasi
gamer kim
gamer kim 17 tundi tagasi
Can you do a brawl stars tier list
JulianJJ 17 tundi tagasi
Guys can somebody explain to me what Starr park is? Is it a real theme park? Or is supercell just making a fake fun website for the game? Is the Starrpark trailer that supercell released real? Is the stream that has hidden messages real? Or just for fun? I have so many questions!
Nicolò Cuomo
Nicolò Cuomo 18 tundi tagasi
9:58 *omae wa mo shinde iru*
NRM Gaming
NRM Gaming 18 tundi tagasi
Turned off ad block just for you my man #KairosForever
Ale Leandro
Ale Leandro 18 tundi tagasi
You should not do this again
Grenzrynne0331 Chua
Grenzrynne0331 Chua 18 tundi tagasi
It's amber i have amber
Maribel Garcia
Maribel Garcia 18 tundi tagasi
Where is belle?
Ege Tüfekçi
Ege Tüfekçi 18 tundi tagasi
Do for 2021 pls!!!
Zander 18 tundi tagasi
I l
Zander 18 tundi tagasi
I like trains
Zander 18 tundi tagasi
I like trains
Dhruv Macwana
Dhruv Macwana 18 tundi tagasi
This is actually what I finding
Mohammed Zeeshan
Mohammed Zeeshan 18 tundi tagasi
Why do most names have dude in them
jaxson pk
jaxson pk 18 tundi tagasi
does anyone know the background song is called?
William Kesselman
William Kesselman 18 tundi tagasi
Dark night jessie is bettwr
Энхбазар Мөнхбат
Энхбазар Мөнхбат 18 tundi tagasi
Shelly da sniper
Celeste Pua
Celeste Pua 18 tundi tagasi
s.c 18 tundi tagasi
brawl ball is where i trophy push mortis
Aryan Dachepally
Aryan Dachepally 18 tundi tagasi
10:14 coins increased from 45k to 18m ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Anika Sanjana
Anika Sanjana 18 tundi tagasi
oop- not kairo flexing his skins....
Peter Pham
Peter Pham 18 tundi tagasi
are those edible?
Vlasta Vesnicer
Vlasta Vesnicer 18 tundi tagasi
What if izzabell was a brawel
Samuraï 18 tundi tagasi
Kairos : We need third abilities Me: *DRUGS*
Oernuun Baatarsukh
Oernuun Baatarsukh 18 tundi tagasi
use code KAIROS !!!! 🤗
CLINSMANN Francesco 18 tundi tagasi
miss the days when JAcky emz nita was OP
NastyRoid 18 tundi tagasi
Kairos is colorblind?!?!
summer acount
summer acount 19 tundi tagasi
H E R O I N bibi. he pronounced it like the drug lol.
Anthony Avila
Anthony Avila 19 tundi tagasi
ChIcKeN bRocK -_-
ChIcKeN bRocK -_- 19 tundi tagasi
You forgot pam
Andrea Skalova
Andrea Skalova 19 tundi tagasi
On gene belly Is octopus
Creeper2 - BS
Creeper2 - BS 19 tundi tagasi
5:25 WTF the first time that kairos said "Subscribe" so we should to!
Tejas Jaiswal
Tejas Jaiswal 19 tundi tagasi
you should make a second part of every brawler with a moustache
Timur Zaurbekov
Timur Zaurbekov 19 tundi tagasi
my brother just said that robo mike was the oldest mike...
BAIBARS ABIDA 19 tundi tagasi
I mad snow cons with you and the flafor and the same thing if you got lou i dont eat but if you dont get him we eat and i eat with you
Ethan Mak
Ethan Mak 19 tundi tagasi
Where's night mecha crow? I miss that skin a lot.
Blazzing 19 tundi tagasi
I dot the hunk that Belle’s kid is in the game yet
ExpertGamer 0915
ExpertGamer 0915 19 tundi tagasi
Belle has kinda infinite range because she can still be damaging enemies after a very long time if it keeps hitting enemies.
Ayden Shahidi
Ayden Shahidi 19 tundi tagasi
You have so much coins geez
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 19 tundi tagasi
Jesus is king